The YSP Again

I love the YSP – it’s free and it’s full.

This time we saw some work by Isamu Noguchi – the late American artist.

Sadly, we couldn’t photograph the plans, but I was very tickled…

…that such a famous artist…

…designed so many children’s playgrounds.

And I couldn’t resist the flowers of course :-).…fr…frustration…

I had my liver scan today. The good news is that there’s nothing abnormal about my liver. It has some fatty deposits, which isn’t unusual, but then the rest of me has fatty deposits, so why not my liver?

So, who knows what’s up with me. I’ve been signed off for another month, and as I’m already seriously stir-crazy, I don’t think I’m going to be very good company.

[I took this picture in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year]

Moore is More

Up in Yorkshire for the weekend – so lots of art creation going on!

Despite it not being the best of days, I took myself off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton.

There are some indoor galleries, as well as a cafe with a great view…

…over the park (don’t touch the scones though – they are of the duck sinking variety).

I love the metal path up to the entrance….

….that displays the names of donors. Although I’m not sure about the symbolism of treading on them!

Now that’s a promise I couldn’t ignore!

As well as the open park, there’s a formal garden.

I know they’re pernicious, but they are beautiful. Maybe one day I’ll see them in all their glory on the mountains in India.

The garden was full of Gormleys.

Masses of them.

I liked this one best. However, I missed the shot of the day – a woman languidly caressing its arm, much to the discomfort of her husband!

So, back out to the park.

Where there is a lovely tree seat.

But I’ve brought you here to meet a friend of mine.

I first met her, or rather one of her sisters, in a museum in Brussels. I had just been turned inside out by Bacon’s ‘Pope with Owls’ – she was like a drink of cool water.

I love the feet – which are just like my sister-in-law’s (and nothing like mine!).

I love the ripples of her skirt.

But most of all, I just love her HERE – looking out over the park. An essay in tranquillity. I sat by her side for a long time, just drinking in stillness.