The Head of Steam – Huddersfield

Now…I’d hate you to think that I spent all my leisure time in Public Houses…

…but this lunchtime I popped into ‘The Head of Steam’ on Huddersfield railway station.
It’s full of railway memorabilia, and has a great atmosphere. I’m told that it has great beer too, but I stuck to Fentimans.
Lunch with my lovely boys, fantastic.

Huddersfield Library

I know that I’ve blogged about this before, but I love Huddersfield Library. It’s a beautiful Art Deco building, that badly needs some TLC.

Whitby Abbey

Up the 199 steps to the church we went.

Here is my rugged companion looking out to sea. The fencing was new, and it was rather worry to see little bunches of flowers attached to it. In memory of people who’d fallen over the edge?

The wind really does blow here, as you can see from this eroded grave stone.

This bronze copy of a Borghese gladiator is in sharp contrast to the abbey ruins.

I always find abbey ruins very poignant places.

They are like Scotland’s vast openess…

…beauty, where there was once bustle and life.

I like Yorkshire, me.

The Frozen North

Whenever we go to see Adam’s family in Huddersfield, we try and go to Holme Moss. As you can see, on Boxing Day it was rather cold and snowy.

I’d hoped to take some pics, but given the cloud, I thought that all I’d be able to take was a few heroic poses (see above).

Then the clouds parted, fabulous.

Some birdie had been out two.

Down in Derbyshire, it was less windy on the other side, but no less magnificent…

…especially the clouds.

I’m not sure which was more impressive, the snow on the dam, or the ice on the lake.

I don’t think anyone would have been tempted to swim that day!

The YSP Again

I love the YSP – it’s free and it’s full.

This time we saw some work by Isamu Noguchi – the late American artist.

Sadly, we couldn’t photograph the plans, but I was very tickled…

…that such a famous artist…

…designed so many children’s playgrounds.

And I couldn’t resist the flowers of course :-).

Global Warming?!?

Spotted this in Hoults’ window (if you’re ever in Huddersfield, a great independent wine merchant) – it must be hotting up if you can make red wine in Wakefield! 🙂