Don’s Coins

Presentation is everything. A colleague sent me some change the other day. I love the way it was arranged in size order.

News from the Asylum

So – day 3 with the Test Team and I feel as if I am being drawn into a strange religious cult. The team seems to live in a state of perpetual anticipation – rather like a tuba player in an orchestra or the characters in Waiting for Godot. They wait and they wait and then suddenly, tonnes of code comes down from the heavens. And of course the code is always late, and because it’s late the test window is squeezed.

As a result the entire team is completely bonkers – the machine room with all the testing kit in it isn’t called The Asylum for nothing!

However, I’ve had more fun in the last few days than I’ve had in ages, wiggling cables; troubleshooting networks; baiting engineers and doing more registry editing than I’ve done in a lifetime! I think I’m going to like it here.

PS If you want to know more about Moby the duckling, like Lorna, he has his own blog.

What I do All Day…

Various people have asked me recently what I ‘actually do at work’. This is something I find quite difficult to answer, so I thought I’d let you know what I did yesterday.

My Day

Usual Checks

– check work email for emergencies
– Check private email for gossip – no emails, nobody loves me
– check friend’s blogs for updates
– check Archers’ online synopsis
– check what Seamus (very natty dresser) is wearing today

Discuss the ongoing ratification of the IEEE 802.11n standard with Brian.

Analyse yesterday’s SPAM reports to see if we need to tighten our anti-SPAM netting.

Quick update and prune of articles in the Knowledge Library. After deleting article on IDSN call-back, feel nostalgic for a time when 64K was a BIG connection.

Reply to emails about putative Knowledge Library taxonomy changes.

Gnash teeth over spreadsheet about support call statistics. Delete all data, change columns, and recalibrate MIS report. Complete dull data transfer task. My dreadful short-term memory means that I’m muttering numbers under my breath, much to the amusement of my colleagues.

Go to Sainsbury’s with Laura in order to catch up, and discuss what to buy Barry as a wedding present. Buy self 1 pair ‘Little Miss Naughty Socks’ and pack ‘mini monsters’ high lighter pens (I’m regressing more each day).

Rescue engineer lost in the Content Management Approval System.

Do the interesting bit with the support call stats. Viz. analyze them and suggest process/service improvements. Enjoy myself by plotting the trend of change in the call trends. Have just finished when my manager casually asks where the report is.

Discuss whiskey with Simon and Seamus.

Advise engineer on response why we filter Facebook. Move into general discussion on the risks of social networking sites and the general risks engendered by disclosing personal details in a public forum. Ponder moat in own eye (Matthew 7:3).

Prod engineer gently for more granular backup data in order to judge whether the cost model we use in bids is correct.

Discuss with Brian how implausible it is that Samantha (in the classic TV series ‘Bewitched’) would have married a twit like Darrel.

Receive said backup information – feel totally overwhelmed. How many GB are there in a TB anyway (1024 if you’re interested)? Decide ‘Tomorrow is another day’ – go home.

Hoist by my own Thingie

Hmmm….I sometimes forget that some work colleagues read this blog. This is how I spent my time at work it would seem. It adds up to more than 100% as I am “a woman and can multi-task”!