To be a tourist…Blenheim

Ah…the English summer…with the lovely black clouds.
We have some relatives visiting from France at the moment, so we toddled off to have a look at Blenheim Palace.
The answer to the question “who lives in a house like this” is someone vulgar!
That said, they do have their own post-box.
There are lots of lions…this one looks rather taken aback.

Obligatory arse shot.

Woodstock Madonna

I came across this little Lady in Woodstock a few months ago – but have been unable to find out anything about her history. If anyone knows anything can you let me know?

Apart from anything else, I could do with some distraction. I had a very bad night last night and I am having trouble thinking the DEEP THOUGHTS, I need to think at work this morning. If only I could persuade the powers that be that I think best with my eyes closed!