Yarra Valley Wine Tour

The Yarra Valley is well known for its vineyards.

They’re quite posh…

…and it’s a beautiful spot…

…and they make beer in the valley too…:-)…!

Global Warming?!?

Spotted this in Hoults’ window (if you’re ever in Huddersfield, a great independent wine merchant) – it must be hotting up if you can make red wine in Wakefield! 🙂

Burgundy 2008 – Sancerre

Our last trip out was to Sancerre – a beautiful medieval town. To reach it, you wind up a steep hill, through the vineyards, which produce the eponymous wine.

The area is also know for it’s goat’s cheese – the most famous is Crottin de Chavignol, which is absolutely scrummy (especially with a glass of Sancerre!).

Burgundy is known for its snails (although Christopher tells me that they all come from Poland nowadays) – but Sancerre is just outside in Centre. So…what should we see but snails…

We think they were advertising a toyshop…but it’s still a mystery.

There were certainly a lot of them!

[Thanks to Marmaladekiss for the collage idea.]