Turkey 2008 – The Orient Express

The Orient Express doesn’t terminate in Istanbul any longer – but you can still find the restaurant…

…on platform 2b.

It was built in 1890 – on the cusp of Gothic becoming Art Nouveau, with an added splash of Ottoman sensibilities. It’s a fantastic space.

For some reason (even when he we told him we were English) our waiter spoke to us in French. We played along (spoke along?) and it became a running joke between us. The food was good (but you might as well eat in cheap places as posh ones in Istanbul, as the food tends to be the same but better) – and it was a really fun evening.

Turkey 2008 – A Special Moment on Galata Bridge

Sunset on the 10th October found us on the Galata Bridge…

…along with a number of fishermen. Despite the traffic, the smell of grilling sardines and fish bait…

…it’s a very romantic place. Which is only fitting…because on the 10th October 1998…this lovely Boy

…and the delightful Miss T…

…got MARRIED. I like this photo best…

…although you may prefer this one, as it doesn’t look like either of us have a minaret growing out of our heads.

I’m looking forward to the next ten years!

Anniversary Plans…

October 10th this year is our 10th wedding anniversary (I’ve just about forgiven The Weeping Cross for turning up in an outfit more snazzy than mine!).

The Boy and I had planned to go back to New Zealand, where we had our fantastic honeymoon. What with one thing and another, that’s not going to be possible.

But who cares? WE’RE GOING TO ISTANBUL!!!!!! (And before you start SueC – the jail in Midnight Express is a hotel nowadays!) I can’t wait…better yet, it’s part of a joint work trip to Turkey – the Boy has a writing gig, and I’ve been commissioned to take the accompanying photos.

Rudding Park – in God’s own county

For our wedding anniversay (our pottery one, if you’re interested) we went to stay at Rudding Park, just outside Harrogate, where The Boy had golf business. The grounds were landscaped by Repton, so all very Jane Austen, except the orginal house was pulled down and rebuilt by some mill owner from Huddersfield (dodgey people these Huddersfield types!).

Peter and his staff (especially the laconic Felipe in the bar) made us feel really welcome. The chocolate, toffees and little ladybird massage thing were all nice touches, but sybarite that I am I think I’ll recall ‘The Cheese Experience’ for some time to come.

“Come and see the long course” they said…”it’s really pretty” beseeched Peter. And yes, it was. But being me, I was interested in everything apart from the ‘cracking golf holes’ – this floating bridge for instance.

Or these mushrooms…

When was it decided that posh lawns (sorry greens) have stripes? Has someone written the history of the lawn? I’m sure they have.

The half-way house…saviour of many a golfer.