A Country Vicarage

This weekend I went with a friend to visit her parents. Her father is a C of E parish priest, and they live in this beautiful vicarage.

It was lovely to see that the church hasn’t sold them all off. This one is right next to the church.

The garden is made up of lots of little sections, joined by paths. It’s only when I saw some old photos, where the garden was one big expanse of earth, that I realised how much work they’d put into it.

The garden was fairly dorment – but these greens were superb. As a childhood friend’s grandfather, Mr Velvick, once said “no-one matches colours like nature”.

Cooking with Elijah

Hmm – I seem to have been using my sexy D80 just as a snap camera, rather than doing lots of whizzy things. What the hell, I’ve given up guilt.

Here is Maisie enjoying the sunshine.

Last night we had a pile (what is the collective noun for vicars – prudence?) of vicars over. As you can see Fr Rattue, Fr McFarlane and Canon Canon Rev Dr Maltby clustered to one end – talking about sacraments (or was it the bridesmaid who fell out of her dress?).

Meanwhile Prof Moore and Dr Bones were also having a good chinwag. By the look of it not about infinity. I think Dr B just saw the size of the box of chocs that Adrian brought.

I hope everyone wanted their lamb well done….