Florence – Conclusions

Tonight I’m tired. I have blisters on my feet and a wound on my heel where I was whacked with a trolley at the airport. I also have mozzie bites all over my breasts and upper arms – lovely!

But Florence was amazing – my brain is still processing all the amazing things I saw. The artistic highlights for me have to be Michaelangelo’s slaves at the Uffizi and the Brancacci Chapel. In both instances I lost myself for a while, and you can’t ask more from art than that.

Ponte – Vecchio – Cossing the River

It was rather odd to actually be on the Ponte Vecchio – a bit like being in a dream.

I’ve never seen so much gold and jewery per square inch, although I guess the rents there must be enormous.

What was going on with this sundial?

This roof garden looked fabulous – what a view. I’vw always loved the upside down nature of a roof garden, it seems amazingly glamorous. I can see myself sipping gin martini’s.

View up the Arno.

Lovely pic. back at the Uffizi taken by A.


You’re not allowed to take photos in the Uffizi, but the one place they turn a blind eye is here where you have a fablous view out to the Ponte Vecchio.

Those of you who know me well, will be aware that I have spent miserable hours searching for a loo in most of the places I’ve visited over the years (that terrible afternoon in Stockhom!).
The Uffizi has plenty including an amazing underground one with archeological dig, and super see-through staircase. I think the rest of the party thought I’d been carried off by pixies the amount of time I spent down there!