Northern Cyrus – Kyrenia (Girne) Harbour

On our first day while The Boy was playing golf/working – I took a little jaunt out on my own to the nearest town Kyrenia. As part of the trip, our hosts had arranged a historical and cultural briefing from a lovely lady called Selin (it turns out that she did her O levels and A levels in Oxford, and spent a lot of time in a nightclub called Scamps!). So I am able to tell you that the town was founded the 10th C BC by Achaens.

The Byzantines built the castle in the 7th C and it was expanded by the Lusignans and Venetians.

As you can see it was very sunny – ~34 degrees C. The brightness and heat haze made it quite difficult to take a decent pic.

This is part of the horseshoe shaped harbour built by the British. I rather like this couple – she was one of the few women I saw with a headscarf. I’ve seen more on a Saturday trip to Oxford.

You could go on day and evening trips on these lovely boats. Such a shame we didn’t have time.

Apart from New Zealand, this trip was the furthest east I’ve ever been, and the first Muslim country (albeit a secular one). The call to prayer was very beautiful, but I was diasppointed to see loud speakers on the minarets. I was worried that the call to prayer was a recording, but it seems that the muezzin is usually using a mic in the prayer hall.