Marvellous Magnolia

One of my favourite moments of the Spring is when our magnolia comes into bloom…
…it has such a beautiful tulip shape.
This little blackbird seemed to be enjoying it too.

Easter Display

As it was such a lovely Spring day today, I decided to put up my Easter tree. The Osterstrauch is a German custom.

Traditionally, you would hang blown egg shells which you had painted. Perhaps I’ll have a go at baking some Easter bread – both the German and the Portuguese versions are delicious.

Man accommodates Nature

Spotted in Summertown yesterday – I’m always pleased to see trees being respected. There are a few Victorian walls down the Banbury Road (in Oxford) that let tree roots through, but this is the most modern example I’ve seen. Hurrah for the plot owner and builder.

Deck the Halls..

We’ve put up our Christmas tree far earlier than usual this year. For some reason, I’m really excited about Christmas this year.

The ellie isn’t on the top of the tree this time. He didn’t look very happy last year!

I’m not sure if the addition of Father Christmas does THAT PICTURE any favours.

There is a Dansk corner of course…

I fell for this string at the Eynsham Emporium.

Now I just have to find a Father Christmas hat for the cow.

Scottish Thoughts…

I need a dose of sea and sky every so often and it’s been TOO LONG! Still, it’s raining at the moment, so I could almost be in Scotland…

I am the God of Hell Fire!

Or rather Adam is. As you will have seen from blog entries passim, we had a big pile of branches and twiggie bits from when the tree came down in the garden. Steve, from Eynsham boatyard (he of the lovely sports cars) gave us an oil drum to do the deed.

Now I like a good FIRE…err, maybe I ought to clarify that….I like open fires, bonfires and the like, not setting fire to hayricks, thatched pubs etc. But this one was HOT, HOT, HOT (not unlike Hades)!

Which is a shame, as I’d hoped to take some nice flame photos. As it was, I thanked the patron saint of fire fighters (St. Florian – if you’re interested), that I have a zoom lens.

The lawn is a bit scorched though!