Boys, Boys, Boys…

Now, while I have piles of nieces and one nephew – my cousins Alison and Robert (Uncle Stephen’s children) have had lots of boys. Here is Alison’s eldest, Luke, with my Uncle Paul (although he does look like Bernie Ecclestone!).

Here is Uncle Stephen with Robert’s youngest, Kyle.
And left to right – Samuel (Alison’s youngest), Aron and Dylan. They look like little hedgehogs don’t they?

More Zoe piccies…

Also in the camera, were some pics from my trip to see Zoe. With expert tuition, I was able to play the ‘proud Auntie’ (BTW – my green, purple and white badge is a reproduction of a suffragette poster, which was rather apt really).

I LOVED her little hands…

…babies are rather nice when they’re asleep :-).

Another Traves on the way…!

Don’t panic – I’m not about to make a ‘special announcement’. And I’d like to think I’d have more class than to do it on my blog in any case 8-). So, here is a pic of my role model Aunt Lucy.

No, my big bro Jerry and his long suffering spouse Sarah are due to have a visit from the stork in March. Their daughter Rachel is ‘rather good for a first attempt’ (as an Oz pal of theirs told them), so I’m looking forward to another babe to buy noisy toys for (and teach him/her/it* his/her/its* catechism etc. etc.)

And here is a pic of said first attempt when she was quite mini, along with the sainted spouse.

* attempt to avoid i) ugly use of inclusive plural ** ii) sexist male singular
** yes this was subbed by Adam ‘I am always an editor, it is my nature’ Lawrence