Berlin 2008: Some Last Thoughts

As the weather was so foul, I had a little play with black and white. It makes the square by the opera look a bit like a film set doesn’t it?
These ornate lamps are a contrast to the modern buildings behind.
I think she’s doing rather well to ride side saddle, and play the lyre!
Are these little lions in training to become door knockers?

Berlin 2008: A Foggy Day in Berlin Town…

As you can see, the weather wasn’t very nice as I wandered around Berlin.

Still, I saw some nice, old buildings (the one on the right is being restored, hence the tarp. with a picture of the building on)…

…some buildings that were a mixture…

I couldn’t make up my mind whether this was totally modern, or an older building with modern bits.
This IS modern though – although it’s quite stark, it really worked in context.
I saw some small things…
…some big things
…but mostly it was just nice to wander. Here is a chap putting up the Christmas lights, on one of the famous lime trees in Unter den Linden.

Berlin 2008: Here come the bears!

The symbol of Berlin is the bear. My Ma has a little silver bear pendant that my Dad brought back from a trip to Berlin before they were married. As a child it was symbolic of going out and parties, as she wore it a lot.

When you wander round Berlin there are bears EVERYWHERE – some tasteful, some not. I think this one looks rather embarassed, and well it should!