Turkey 2010 – Pamukkale Hierapolis

Above the ‘cotton cliffs’ of Pamukkale is the remains of the Greek city Hierapolis.

This magnificent theatre has the remains of the proscenium, which means we can have a better idea of what it was like in its heyday.
This area has had lots of earthquakes. The hillside was covered with sarcophagi. As the guidebook said “as if they’d been thrown there like a petulant giant”.
This chap was rather well camoflaged.
High above the site is the St Philip Martyrium (a new noun for me), where the apostle was crucified (upside down).
There is a beautiful octagonal church on the site.
The photos really don’t do it justice…
…it was a very peaceful spot…
…with a wonderful view of the site (and yes, it was a HOT, HOT afternoon).
The church is from the end of the 5th, or early 6th century. It would have been approached via this amazing staircase. Note the remains of the stoop.
Pilgrims would have approached via this paced roadway.
It was such a hot day (and we were rather ruined out), so we went and had a cold beer by the spa pool.
We made friends with this rather nice hound.