Keswick Reflections

The Boy and I were up in Keswick for a (lovely) wedding recently.

I couldn’t resist ‘bagging’ these for my friend Virginia. It made me reflect though, why two side-by-side? Did it used to be one for local, and one for other letters? Or do visitors to Keswick send so many cards that reinforcements were needed. I guess if I was a real postbox ‘licker’ I’d have checked the serial numbers to work out if they were put in at the same time or not.

As those of you who know me well can testify, I need regular infusions of tea. This tiny milk bottle made me squeal the house down

Bones on Thames

Dr Bones is moored on the Thames, close to chez Nous at the moment. Yesterday, we popped over for supper. Bones, Boots, Steve and Wallace were just returning from a walk.

Wallace is a very ‘can do’ doggie. I was rather pleased to catch a pic of him mid canter.

Dr B. and Boots went off to guide the Rev Rattue, leaving me to be menaced by this swan.

I was very glad to see them returning through the gloom.

This morning I popped over for a cuppa (as you can see, Boots was helping).

The swan decided to make rude gestures with its foot.

“Hey Boots – we’re famous!”

This week just gone we had some friends visiting. No visit to Traves-Lawrence Towers is complete without a trip over to Annie’s Tea Room in Thrupp, so we pottered over there on Tuesday.

It gave us the chance to catch up with Dr Bones, Maffi, Boots & Molly. Dr Bones was kind enough to show my friend Elaine’s urchins round nb Bones. I hope Dr Bones doesn’t mind that she’s become a tourist attraction.

Presents from Japan

I am a very lucky girl – my friend Ben has been on holiday in Japan and has brought me back some green tea. It’s extra special, as it was grown on a farm that he worked on.

Ben has been learning Japanese for a while, but he wasn’t able to translate the instructions on the back. However, as Mark points out, the fourth stage is to pour the tea over a digital watch!

Ben also gave me these beautiful geisha bookmarks.

Crisis? What Crisis?

Bleugh – had a shitty experience at work yesterday. My manager sorted it all out very promptly. I’d say he was a pearl amongst men, but I think he deserves an upgrade from semi-precious, to precious status.

Then this morning I realised that I’d almost run ot of TEA! I normally buy from Cardews in The Oxford Covered Market (this is the 2nd best place I’ve found to buy tea – the best is the stall in Cambridge market). My folks are coming this weekend so I won’t be able to pop into town. There’s a postal strike on, so I won’t be able to resort to e-commerce. This is probably a GOOD THING as I found this wonderful and very expensive tea site

I’ll have to resort to MONKEY tea (a friend of a friend in Cambridge refers to all bagged tea as monkey tea beacuse of the PG Tips chimps)! QUEL DISASTRE!

So…on the off-chance, if you’re LOCAL and can pop into Cardews over the next few days and buy 500g of Assam Tips, I’ll be eternally grateful. I may even give you one of my new art works!

Holes and How to get out of Them

Nearly everyone I care about seems to be in a bad place at the moment, so I thought I’d post a few peaceful pics. Here’s one of Peter taken about 6 years ago i) hasn’t the rubber plant grown ii)hasn’t the front room changed?

I’ve mentioned my friend Annie before – living proof that you can be beautiful and ginger. When we were at college together her room was always a haven for me.

Just looking at a picture of it makes me feel calm and happy. Must be the vibes of all those endless cups of tea.
So – you all know who you are. I’m not saying that tea conquers all, but the combination of tea and friendship (plus beer and whiskey of course) is one of the most powerful there is.