Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve

Our last port of call in Tasmania, was this lovely wetlands reserve.

Despite being only 10 minutes drive from Launceston (which IMHO is a dump)…

…it has that melancholy ‘edge of the world’ feeling.

That mood is heightened by the rusting remains of ships…

…and rotting docks.

This is the domain of birds now…

…old and young.

Time to head back.


Tasmania is an incredibly beautiful place, and Barnbougle is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever visited.

Oh, and there’s a golf course there…

…and here are some hunky golfers :-).

We stayed on one of these lovely chalets, which are based on the huts at Brighton Beach.

This little wallaby came to visit…

…and as you can see, was very relaxed.

Even the moon was perfect.