Madeira Day 3 – Cable Car Trips and Monte

There is a cable car from the Botanic gardens to Monte, and from Monte back down to Funchal. It gives an excellent view of some of the extensive civil engineering projects that have taken place on Madeira. There are tunnels everywhere.

The trip over to Monte is quite long, and at one point the cable car juddered rather! I’ve also seen too many Bond films I think, as I kept looking out for Jaws to break in!

They’re not that big are they?

Hmm…what’s going on here?

It’s the famous tabbogan rides. Sledges made more sense in Funchal because of all the cobbles (in case you’re wondering, the tabbogans come back up the hill on a truck, and they have a mini-bus for the ‘drivers’).

That Baden-Powell got everywhere!