Out and About

This raises so many questions…is there an intolerant footpath elsewhere? Does this refer to one’s behaviour on said footpath? Answers on a postcard please.

Swinford Toll Bridge


OK – everyone who moves into Eynsham has to learn to live with the delays that the toll bridge causes. We’ve all written to our MP (nowadays the fragrant David Cameron); signed the petition; raised a prayer of thanks that the pensioner with the sharp nails no longer collects tolls; and contemplated sharpening our 5ps.

This morning I was in a beatific mood. The sun was shining, the birds were coughing – I even languidly waved through someone who cut me up. Then I saw THE SIGN…it stated:

Help reduce queues – have 5p ready!

The red mist descended! Help reduce queues, stop collecting the sodding tolls! I don’t care about the money , I lose 40 minutes of my life every day nudging to get over this anachronistic relic. As a life long republican it adds insult to injury that the bridge was built to suck up to a monach!

./rant off