Supper with Mr Swan

On Tuesday evening we had supper with Howard Swan – who has been one of The Boy’s, mag‘s staunchest supporters in the golf design industry.

It was great fun, as we went to Brasserie Blanc, in Walton Street, where our lovely neighbour Stephane is a waiter. The manager gave us free glasses of champagne as an aperitif, as we were ‘friends of the house’ – and Stephane was was such a perfect waiter, we almost stumbled into Sartre!

Best of all – Howard took his pens out. I love watching people sketch, and it was great to see him animately illustrating something he is so passionate about.

My Supper

You shall have a fishy, on a little dishy etc. etc. Aren’t these beautiful? These lemon sole look like two little ghosts.

I find the patterns on fish quite fascinating. The delicacy is amazing.

A few minutes under the grill and it tasted amazing too – the very best kind of fast food.

Looks like Billy agrees!