Race for Life – Oxford Parks 7th July 2008

On Saturday, I took part in one of the ‘Race for Life’ events in Oxford. Many thanks to everyone who sponsored me and SueC.

After all the rain we’ve had, it was great have have a sunny day – with a cooling wind. The race took place in The University Parks – so here is a gratuitous shot of Keble.

As this was an event organised for women, by women, there were plenty of bogs.

As I was under the weather earlier this year, the event wasn’t a kick start to motivate me into running again. However, I did jog some of the way (this action shot blurred due to my speed) – and it was a great reminder of why I enjoyed running so much. So, I think it will stand as the START of a new fitness programme.

One of the nicest things about ‘Race for Life’ is it’s inter-generational nature. Lots of families taking part together.

Here I am at the FINISH!

SueC and I show off our medals.

Sadly, I ended up with some HUGE blisters – here is the face of pain!

[Many thanks to The Boy who acted as guest photographer – although the bogs pic. was mine!]

Danger Artist at Work!

The lovely and talented SueC put on a painting demo out side the Eynsham Emporium, as part of ArtsWeeks (and put in her bid for ‘Eynsham Rear of the Year’.

Check out the sexy flip-flops twinned with the ‘ready for business’ apron.

As Sue is so slight, and her paints so HUGE, I think she looks about six 🙂 .

Bella the Westie

Here is a rare ‘action shot’ of Bella – who lives with SueC. She’s a very friendly little beast (Bella that is, but then, hey, so’s SueC…).

Happy Birthday – Susie Sioux!

It’s SueC’s bithday today – so here is my portrait of her 🙂

Although, I’ve known her for sometime, it’s only been in the last year or so that we’ve become buddies. She’s a fantastic person, who happens to be beautiful and talented to boot (it’s enough to make you spit!).

Thank you for your friendship Sue – it’s really enriched my life, love you lots xxxxx.

Sue in the Studio

For the 2nd time today I’ve escaped out to an artist’s studio. This time, it’s to Sue’s where she’s painting an interesting abstract. It’s meant to be a garden through myopic eyes. Although, to me, it looks like the colours which dance before the eyes just before sleep.

I love the mess and general detritus around studios. It’s not often as an adult that you have the sanction to make an absolute mess. This artist business looks like a lot of fun to me – give or take the odd ear.

And here is a very special piece – the cockrel/bird of paradise that Maddy persuaded me to paint the other week. Maybe I should get the paints out more often 😎

It’s Those Cooks Again

The Cook Clan came round for lunch today. Gary seemed determined to have the kids taken away by social services…

….really determined!

However, Maddy had a plan….

…she quickly persuaded Adam…

….and Gary had a taste of his own medicine!

We found him something else to do – see if the ‘f*$k off’ lense from old SLR was compatible with my new digital (it was).

The kids continued to eat us out of house and home! I love the colours in this plum – and yes we know the table needs oiling.

Sue and Maddy serenaded us.

James showed what a cool dude he was.

All in all far too exciting and we had to have a rest!

OK chaps – you can stop playing dead now, they’ve gone!