L’atelier de John Whitehall

John used to be a BBC slave, working as a sound engineer on a myriad of programmes. He’s now a self-employed slave, with a sound studio on the barge.

It’s wonderfully well insulated. There is almost no echo at all.

Just lots…and…

…lots of electronic wizardry.

[Atelier is a French word literally translated as “workshop“. In English, it is used to refer to an artist’s working studio, typically a fashion studio for Haute couture.]

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Lorna in the Studio

Lorna is painting my portrait at the moment. As you can see, it’s quite large. It’s going to be interesting working out where to hang it at home.

It was very strange to see all the source images around. I’m just not used to seeing so many pictures of me!

As you’ll have seen from my previous posts, I love the profusion of stuff in an artist’s working space. I was pleased to see Bunny (an Easter present from me) supervising.

Mmmmm – the richness of colour here is fantastic. The purple and the pinky-red are a sumptuous mix.

And here is the exhasuted artist!

Sue in the Studio

For the 2nd time today I’ve escaped out to an artist’s studio. This time, it’s to Sue’s where she’s painting an interesting abstract. It’s meant to be a garden through myopic eyes. Although, to me, it looks like the colours which dance before the eyes just before sleep.

I love the mess and general detritus around studios. It’s not often as an adult that you have the sanction to make an absolute mess. This artist business looks like a lot of fun to me – give or take the odd ear.

And here is a very special piece – the cockrel/bird of paradise that Maddy persuaded me to paint the other week. Maybe I should get the paints out more often 😎

Sue’s Atelier

In my occasional series on artist’s studios, you find me in the atelier of Sue Cook.

Here is the infamous pink boiler suit that she paints in. Rather glam isn’t it?

Here are her palettes – showing the zingy colours she’s been painting with.

No, this isn’t a Jackson Pollock, it’s the shower curtain she uses to keep the paint off the floor.

Here is the last picture – whiffing of varnish (seriously a teenage glue sniffer would have been in heaven in there 8-)).

And last, but not least, the LIST. I think we could all do with starts with point one.