College Nostalgia

To celebrate my having installed my new scanner (despite their being instructions in every language but English) – I thought I would delight you with some pics from my college days.

Here is Adam (this would be 1990 – so age 20) cooking Sunday lunch. I seem to recall that as his house had no oven, he was cooking in two houses at the same time, relaying instructions by internal phone.

Me and Kal at what was a REALLY good party.

Clare, Adam,Kal and me at Annie’s 21st dinner party. Adam and Annie cooked lobster thermidor, bless them (with her parents emergency gold card funding it). We named the lobsters after the folks who really annoyed us, then threw them in the pot!

My boat crew (note that I’m looking in entirely the wrong direction) – the cox is now a nun in an enclosed order.

I am cross!

Why am I so nice? This evening I had a cold call from a student at my erstwhile college as part of a fund raising drive.

Did I tell the slimey little git (he was a law student) to piss off? No, I wished him well in his studies. When he asked me if I had fond memories of St. Hugh’s did I say “being screwed senseless in a copse of trees about where the new building is” – no I didn’t.

Did I say “I’d rather spend my cash on beer and art” – no I didn’t.

And then the little scumbag asked if I could “speak for my husband as well” – on that point I summoned up enough backbone to say a resounding “yes”.

I guess this technique must work or they wouldn’t do it – but it’s left me with the inclination to boycott all future college events.

I wonder what my Ma will say as and when they ring her?