Setenil de las Bodegas – houses in the rocks.

We took a little excursion to Setenil, in Cadiz, to see the troglodyte houses. If you go, make sure you don’t try and drive through the narrow streets (The Boy still goes white when he thinks about it) – and take non-slippy shoes. It’s not just steep, but the age old cobbles are very slippy. And yes, I fell over.

You have to park where you can here.

The houses must be very cool in Summer. We went to a bar there, and had some amazing chipirones with garlic. There was about half of clove of garlic on each of them – delicious!

Ronda La Vieja

After The Boy’s conference had ended, we made the most of the good weather, and went to visit Acinipo – known by the locals as Ronda La Vieja.

There was a handy, little sign pointing out the way. The circling vultures weren’t quite so welcoming!

Stepping out onto the stage, the eons rolled back – sadly I couldn’t remember anything suitable to declaim.

This couple didn’t do any better!

It’s an amazing spot – you can see why it was choosen as a fortress.

Más Gatos

More furry friends…

…and more to come methinks.

[The pics were taken by The Boy, as I was too busy squealing and stroking them.]

Ronda Revisited

As some of you may recall, we visited Ronda (also on the back of one of The Boy’s business trips) about two and a half years ago.

These aren’t brilliant photos, but you can see how it straddles the gorge – and the three bridges.

Puerto Banús

Our hotel was in Puerto Banús, which has a rather fancy marina.

As you can see it’s stuffed with gin palaces…

…although there was the odd sailing boat.

This isn’t a gin palace – more gin principality.

Words Fail Me!

On the continent I’ve often come across electric candles – you pay for so many minutes illumination, rather than lighting one. But a Holy Water dispenser!?!

An Afternoon in Marbella

Leaving The Boy to discuss golf courses I had an amble around historic Marbella.

There’s a small Old Town, where you can see the Moorish influence…

…and plenty of ceramics…

…and flowers…

…and the odd funky bit.