Yellowstone Reflections

When we were in Yellowstone we were most excited by the bears, whether black…
…or grizzly.
However, now when I look back…
…it’s the glorious landscape….
…that fills my dreams.

Baby it’s COLD Outside – View from the Cybergarret

Now, I know that a foot of snow is nothing to our Canadian cousins (and Aunts)…but it’s the heaviest we’ve seen in Eynsham.

Here are some snaps I took from our attic ‘home office’ (aka the cybergarret).

I’m not sure whether Elsie’s fruit net is going to hold up under the weight of the snow for much longer.

And here is our little plot…

…if you look carefully, you can see where Adam made his way to the shed to stock up on logs.

Apart from the lamp post, Queen St looks pretty timeless.

The Frozen North

Whenever we go to see Adam’s family in Huddersfield, we try and go to Holme Moss. As you can see, on Boxing Day it was rather cold and snowy.

I’d hoped to take some pics, but given the cloud, I thought that all I’d be able to take was a few heroic poses (see above).

Then the clouds parted, fabulous.

Some birdie had been out two.

Down in Derbyshire, it was less windy on the other side, but no less magnificent…

…especially the clouds.

I’m not sure which was more impressive, the snow on the dam, or the ice on the lake.

I don’t think anyone would have been tempted to swim that day!