Snail Cam

This evening The Boy and I looked up to see a snail proceeding at some speed down the outside of the front room window. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a decent shot of it. I haven’t spend enough time trying to take low-light shots. However, the results are quite interesting.

I just wasn’t able to focus on the chap or chappess – but it was ‘motoring’. It was most disconcerting.

[I mentioned to my Ma this weekend that I rather liked snails, but couldn’t stand slugs. She suggested that I should think of slugs as “poor snails without homes” – hmmmm]

My Nemesis!

While I wasn’t looking my hostas have started coming up. And the BASTARD SLUGS have already been at them!

Now dear reader, I like to think I am a kind liberal person – but where slugs are concerned I have no mercy. Unlike rats, (which I also don’t care for) they cannot be eaten in extremis, or used to flavour bar snacks. No, this is WAR, and as you will see from my pics, bugger organic gardening, I’d use agent orange if it rid me of these varmints.