Why I’m not an Artist

The rest of my family can draw and paint (my Ma even had ambitions to be a fashion designer). But I can’t, never have been able to. I was always the kid at the back of the class weeping over her illustrations (when I wasn’t covered in glue and paint).

“So”, I said to Lorna “teach me to draw”. And she said “draw the same thing for 15 minutes each day”

So I did – and I was still rotten. OK – it’s a skill…but I don’t know whether my hands are wrong or my eyes don’t see the world in quite the right way…or whether I’m just too impatient?

In the end, I don’t want to do anything unless I’m going to be good. Would it be an important exercise to keep plugging away at sketching? Or should I just leave it them that know what they’re doing?