Feeling Low

I’m not at my best today – you wouldn’t think that I’m i) having my hair done tonight ii) going on holiday on Sunday!

I dislike my body at the best of times (which is fairly common female feeling) – but right now it disgusts me, probably as a result of being so below par, I have nothing to distract me.

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Miss T News

Many thanks to everyone how has been asking about my health. I’m rather bored with the subject – but here’s an update, in case you’re not :-).

Wake me up when he stops asking me to caddy…

Seriously…I’m still getting quite tired. Hope they work out what’s ailing me soon!

The cats are obviously attracted to the weak member of the herd – how long would they wait after I stopped breathing before noshing me?
[Do I really have that many chins?]
Guest Photographer Credit – The Boy

The Cat That Thinks it’s a Dog

Like everything else at 29 QS (see entries passim) I am broken – full of cold, shivering and snivelling. I am sustained by i) Lemsip ii) Wimbledon iii) the collected routines of Bill Hicks (who I adore despite a Coldplay album being dedicated to him) and iv) Billy at my feet.

Not content with being a party gate crasher, he has been lying at my feet like a hound on a knight’s tomb.

The home PC is still dead and squealing, so if you want to send me love and comfort please text me 😎 – or send round white palfreys with expensive presents.