Canterbury January 2016 – The Cathedral

Saturday found us in Canterbury on a lovely, clear day. The Boy had never been to the cathedral, so we popped in to have a look. You can find lots and lots of amazing snaps online, so here are just a few things that caught my eye.

I’ve always loved this figure of Christ on the gatehouse to the cathedral precinct.

I’m not sure what these creatures are on one of the cathedral doorways, but I like them.

This candle burns on the spot where St Thomas a Becket’s shrine was, until it was destroyed on the orders of Henry VIII., who also ‘unsainted’ him for good measure.

I was rather taken by the altar front…

…and restored painting.

Intrigued by this weekly service...

…and left wondering how many memorials record death by ‘an assassin’?

Dorset 2011 – Whitchurch Canonicorum

The extended clan is just back from a week in Dorset. We stayed in the little hamlet of Whitchurch Canonicorum.

It’s home to the church of St Candida and Holy Cross – The Cathedral of the Marshwood Vale.
If you ignore (for now) this very tempting footpath…
…and wander round the church, you’ll find St Candida (St Wite)…
…and a number of other…
….interesting faces…
…and a priest’s sundial.
The interior doesn’t disappoint.
There’s a magnificent pulpit…
…with fantastic steps…

…Saxon roses…
…knitted penguins…
…and a purple trilby.
The heart of the church is the shrine of St Wite, which still contains her bones.

Florence – Incidental2

Every street corner seemed to have a shrine with a little light outside it. This was in the lobby of a building.

I was really pleased to find this beautiful stone mason’s sign.

Even happier to find them at work repairing pieces for the Duomo, as their predecessors had done down the years.

This dragon seemed rather jolly!

You may recognise this chap from outside a Burford antique shop! Here the tradition is that if you rub his nose and put money in the fountain you’ll come back to Florence. As you can see from his burnished nose – plenty of people have done (including me!).

The detailing was lovely, I was especially taken with this frog.

The great flood if 1966 is still green in memory. here is a plaque from the hallway of the building our flat was in

We were a long way from the Arno – and this was a long way up the wall!
I was really pleased by the light and shadow in this pic. I think I want to have a serious play with shadows sometime soon. Maybe I’ll get out my old SLC and run a few films of black and white now that the sun is high enough to cast some real shadows again.