Port Ellen

We motored over to Port Ellen on Islay in very overcast conditions.

However it brightened up a bit later…
…which meant we could see where we were more moored, and have a wander round town.

I loved this garden – clearly the owner has a great sense of humour.

Islay v the Mainland…all of it?
We posted a few cards…
…and had a few drinks. One of the locals, Keith, bought us round after round of drinks. As it was his birthday, we really should have been buying for him, but he was faster at getting the barmaid’s attention!
Time to relax…
…and watch the sun go down…
…and maybe a bit of blogging!

Hello Sailor!

I arrived home from Islay last night, after a great few days with my Pa. Lots of pics to sort through, so it may take a while, especially as I still have some Turkey snaps to put up yet!

Dad’s boat

Come on…it’s a floating caravan…He plans to sail up to Scotland with my Uncle Paul this summer. It looks awfully small to carry all their booze…

Places I Love

I’ve been feeling very low today – so I thought I’d take time to remember some of the lovely places I’ve been to. I loved this little folly at Heligan. I’ve always had a good time in Cornwall, but I had a really blissful day here with A., Christopher and André.

South Africa was a troubling and amazing place. Ever wondered why it’s called Table Mountain?

A big highlight for me was meeting Tinkerbell, an orphan, baby hippo. Apparently my scream when I saw her was so loud, it knocked a few satillites out of orbit!

Part of my heart will always be in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. This is Dun Carloway broch on Lewis.

When ever I can I try and make it to Fountains Abbey. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but something about the place speaks to me.

However, the place that is really special is Milford Sound. A. and I went to New Zealand on honeymoon, and despite being eaten alive by black fly had an amazing time. If I could be any where on earth I’d be there – where glaciers and rain forest meet.