Florence – First Impressions

OK – Florence has too many people, too much traffic, the beer is too expensive and the drains stink. It is however, simply amazing. I took 100s of photographs and I can find no way of even sensibly blogging, so see this as a ‘stream of conciousness’ about the place.

If you want to know what the place looks like get a guide book and go!

Our first day was a Sunday, so being a good, Catholic, European country everything was shut. So we had a wander. This is the Piazza Della Signoria.

It’s where Savonarola was burnt – so here is Fr. Rattue posed on the spot. Any resemblance to Kid Creloe is strictly coincidental.

As usual I was taken by the small details like this rather snarly wolf.

And this mournful little lion (lots of lions in Florence as it’s the town symbol).

When you tire of culture, there are always nice dogs to make friends with. Adam took this shot, as Iona and I were busy showing the waiter how macho we were/are by drinking GRANDE beers.

Florence is above all the city of David. Copies of Michaelangelo’s statue crop up everywhere.

A copy is in Piazza della Signoria whre the first staue stood. Here is detail of the posterior for Lorna!

And here is the boy himself – poised for action.

This is Cosimo I – making his own mark on the square (another shot by Adam).

I meanwhile became obcessed with door knockers. This one is splendid. Look how burnished her breasts are. I did a little bit of people watching and it seemed impossiple for any chap to go past without giving her a quick stroke!

This one is down right scary.

And this tortoise (holding up a window grille) looks rather tired!