Knocker Envy

I’ve always liked looking at front doors – they are the public face of private spaces. I have a special fondness for door knockers, maybe because my Grandmother has a lovely elephant on her front door (the trunk is the knocker). Here are a selection I found walking round the block in Eynsham.

This one belongs to Larry and June. Larry was in the Royal Navy – although he sailed a desk in Whitehall for most of the time.

This Ancient adds interest to the house next door.

This little lion would be at home in Venice or Florence.

My Ma has always had a soft spot for foxes, so I always keep an eye out for this chap. I like the way he has one paw higher than the other, and seems to be bursting through the door.

This could be Mr Dudley couldn’t it? But I think it’s supposed to be some Greek or other.

Here’s Mr Fox again, but he seems to be stuck in this bilious, yellow door (note no back legs).

I’m sure there’s something Masonic about this one.

Mmmm – I love the blue and the dragonfly. Plus this house has a fig tree with lots of figs!

My fave. I think – I love the delicacy of the hand.

Nearly home – you can find this chap elsewhere in the village, as well as on Durham Cathedral. I rather like the conceit of having a sanctuary knocker on your front door.