Dinosaurs, Dodos and Sadie

My friend Sadie is down from Scotland for a college reunion – we took the opportunity to go to one of my favourite places, The University Museum of Natural History (OUM). If like me, you’re a great lover of Victorian Gothic, the building alone is worth a visit.

I absolutely ADORE the roof – Victorian engineering at it’s finest.

No trip to the OUM is complete without a dash into the Pitt Rivers to have a look at the shrunken heads. I didn’t take my camera with me, and snaps I took on my ‘phone haven’t come out all that well. We noticed that the museum is going to be closed from 7th July 2008 until Spring 2009.

The talk of refurbishment was a bit of a worry, as one of the joys of the Pitt Rivers is it’s untouched nature. However, it turns out that the plan is to dismantle the 1960s exhibition gallery – full details can be found at this URL : http://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/hlf.html.

North Berwick

While The Boy went off and looked at golf courses, I went to stay with our friends Sadie and David in North Berwick. The camera was needed on urgent golf business, so I didn’t manage to snatch a pic of David – however, here is Sadie.

They share their house with some rather good sheep…

…a funky catapiller….

…theri daughter Alex, who is writing a novel…

…and their younger daughter Emily, whose current projects include eating and learning to walk.

They live in part of a big house, that was partioned off into seperate dwellings in the 1960s. The garden is right next to the North Berwick golf links, and beyond that is the beach.

Imagine having a door at the bottom onto the garden…

…that opened onto the sea. It’s what children’s books are made off.

Now, I LOVE Eynsham, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was by the sea (although if it floods anymore I may yet get my wish!) – and we could pop out and make sandcastles…

…watch the waves and the boats go by…

…and maybe take a few steps.

Still…we’ll be back!

Holiday highlights for me (in no particular order):