Down at Eton Dorney

Yesterday, Adam and I went down to Eton Dorney to watch the Olympic rowing. The organisation was absolutely superb.

That said, as Adam pointed out, if the British can’t organise a queue, who can?

The volunteer ‘Games Makers’, were all genuinely good humoured, even those who were guiding people in the underpass under Maidenhead station.

Here is our spot.

The man on the left is doing his bit against the Dutch, who should have won a medal for mad clothes.

The chap in the middle has extra points for wearing a hat, as all gentlemen should.

The races started at 9.30, by which time it was already rather windy.

“Wake me up for the Finals…can be bothered with these heats.”

All the races were pretty exciting…

…but the race of the day was the Women’s VIIIs. The ‘clunk woosh’ of the oars took me back to those early mornings on the river.

They went VERY, VERY fast!

Gigging – Port Ellen style

On our first evening in Port Ellen we heard a rhymthic clunking noise. I went up on deck to see this four person gig coming in. This was a ladies’ crew…

…the next day the mens’ team was out.
I was amused to see that the boats were called ‘Isis I’ and ‘Isis II’. Interestingly, although at first glance they look like traditional clinker built boats, they’re made from moulded plastic.