Turkey 2010 – Selçuk St John’s Basilica

Where to start in describing this amazing place?

It was an incredibly dull, grey day – but I hope I can give you an idea how beautiful it is here, at the site of St John’s grave.

As ever, I was delighted by the small details.

This is the baptismal chapel, I loved the circular shape.

I’m not sure what this is supposed to be, but I love the feet.

The site of the altar.

These columns are incredibly slender.

There’s quite a drop…

…which was made ‘safe’ by a retaining wall of geraniums!

Although the site is basically a 19th century restoration…

…there’s an amazing atmosphere here…

…this looks like it’s landed from space…

…here you can almost hold the sculptor’s hand…

…the first of many capital graveyards we’d see.

Most of all I’ll remember the strong sense of roses…

…and the peace.

More Garden Thoughts

Now like any other girl I’m a sucker for a rose. This pink one is especially lucious.

However, this is very special. We had a white standard rose which we manged to kill due to general hoplessness. This rose grew Lazarus like from the root stock. I love its tenaciousness.