‘The Other Place’ – October 2014

After the madness of the beginning of the academic year…

…I took myself off to Cambridge.

The irony of settling everyone into to Oxford…

….and then heading off to the Fens, didn’t escape me.

Whisper it…but I think that Cambridge is prettier than Oxford.

That’s partly because the river…

…flow through the middle of the city.

I was most taken with these lions outside the Fitzwilliam…

…this chemist’s sign (above a shop that’s still a chemist)…

…this chap’s fangs…

…that the Cavendish Lab was so posh when it built, that it has it’s own postbox…

….the ‘Round Church’…

…and this little ruin.

Good thing that my Ma or Dr Bones didn’t see it, as they’d want to move in!

When not wandering around the city I had a lovely garden to read in.

Sunday Nostalgia Fest

Today the beloved and I went for a walk in Port Meadow, something we used to do a lot when we were courting.
As is often the case with water meadows, it was full of water.
We saw some nice boats…
…viewed distant spires (although it probably wasn’t the right day for that)…
…saw some lasses sculling…
…hung out at the nunnery…

…and saw this fantastic plaque. I love this idea.

White Water

The Thames is very high at the moment. The water was thundering over the sluice yesterday.

Good news from Alveston

I am REALLY pleased to be able to report that Gertie (here in her trademark red, with my Uncle John) is a lot better. I hadn’t realised just how upset and tense I was about her, until I felt the huge surge of relief when I saw her this morning. She is still having problems with her grip, which means she can’t eat or drink by herself. However, when I went to leave she gripped my hand so tightly I couldn’t pull it away (and yes, that broke my heart).

My Uncle’s house is outside Alveston village where Gertie is in a nursing home. As it was such a beautiful day we took the river footpath there and back.

The river is deeply meshed into my relationship with Gertie. It was here she taught us to swim; the art of the picnic; how to make reed boats; the sensual delight of swimming naked and then drying your skin in the sun; and how to row a boat.

I love the river path as it is always quiet and seems to be outside time.

This lily bed will be glorious in a few weeks time.

I’m really pleased with the dappled sunlight on the right hand side of this picture. Don’t you wish you were here?

Reportage – One for You Huw

I was in a CRAP mood today (an excess of belly dancing?) – so we went for a walk. This meant I could wear my NEW SHOES (£10 from Lidl). I must point out that my trousers aren’t really that short, I am pulling them up to show off my socks.

Before I went to college, a friend of my brother advised me to make friends with Port Meadow and Christchurch Meadow, as they will always be there for you, even when everyone else has moved on.

Huw and I used to have a tramp round Port Meadow at least once a week, and it kept me sane in a mad, little goldfish bowl. It’s reassuringly unchanging.

The cows are still there.

The river bank is eroding quite a bit though.

The geese paraded their chicks on the water……

….and on the bank. It was interesting to see how many different sizes of chick there were.

And there are the horses of course – I’ve never seen a spotty one like this one before.

For a person who professes not to like having their picture taken the Boy sure does pose a lot!

These cosws seemed to be adopting the Roman military tactic of the tortoise.

The wind was up and the sailors were out.

And I couldn’t resist a close up of the ivy and this nice rusty thing.

The canoists were having fun – although there was many a cry of “can we have our ball back please?”.

This chap wasn’t having a good day. Just after I took this he mananged to knock the keel off.

And had to tow into land, while the cows giggled.

Here is my new car….sadly not, but there’s obviously money in boat yards.

The wind was making life difficult for this punt. That said, I haven’t seen a punt in Port Meadow since I took part in the circular round Oxford punt challenge – that was quite a day.

The path to the Perch still looks very inviting. I seem to recall that we would often make it this far and no further!

This was one very HAPPY hound.

Ah The Trout – refurbed and very pricey, but a welcome sight none the less.

Peacocks are show offs!