There once was a Lucy in Old Amsterdam…

The Boy was in Amsterdam last week and I went along as a WAG. I’d never been before, and I was suprised at how pretty it is.

There were lovely things to look at everywhere. However, the weather was atrocious, so I didn’t take many photos.

I was rather taken by this owl.

This ex-Lutheren church was Adam’s conference centre. It was fun to have a window onto The Boy’s work world, and put some faces to names…aah Bob Buckingham, you are a god…:-).

While The Boy was working away, I was on the culture trail. As well as having a very nice Indonesian meal and finding a little beer place, I took in:
And no, I didn’t go to a ‘Coffee Shop’. In fact, there was one afternoon when I desperately want a cup of coffee and a sit down – and all I could find were sex shops and spliff emporia. I got quite grumpy!
I can’t wait to go again!