Hey Ho, and away we go, camel riding, camel riding…

Here are the Hunts in desert garb. Don’t they look like ‘Dora the Explorer’? Harry and Sue are on tiptoes because they’re both trying to be the tallest.

On our loooong drive up to Uluru we had plenty of loo breaks (hurrah!) – one of them was at a camel farm. There are lots of wild camels in Australia. They were introduced to carry loads into the Outback. Once replaced by cars and lorries etc., their Afghan drivers set them free. Camels are now exported back to the Middle East.

At the farm there was a chance to have a camel ride.

In the same way young Australians are exported to run bars in England, the Outback is full of young people from all over the world. This camel wrangler was from Sheffield.

Here is Harry post camel ride, wondering if he’ll ever have a family.

Enroute to Alice Springs

After a late night return, it up at 4am to catch a flight to Alice Springs…

…only for the flight to be delayed for 5 hours. Harry’s good humour and patience was a great example to the rest of us.

It was worth the wait – the view from the window was amazing.

It’s very red and empty down there!