Ye Apocalyptic Floods

I have been too knackered to go out and take a flood photographs but there are some good ones on Eynsham Online and on the Eynsham CC site (tended by Sue).

29 QS has never been in any danger (but thanks to all of you who called or emailed to check we were OK), as the Anglo Saxons knew what they were doing, and planted the main village about 25 ft above river level. I was a bit worried that Eynsham might turn into an island – the fear was not being marooned, but being stuck at work!

My only trauma has been finding a dead RAT in the garden. I came over all Winston Smith and squealed for The Boy to get rid of it. I doubt that Maisie was responsible as TB said “she’s too fat and too lazy”. The rat looked about the same size as Billy – so I guess i) they could have acted in concert ii) another is responsible, possibly Pepper, the Eynsham Panther iii) it died of natural causes iv) it was a drowned rat.

It’s all go in Eynsham – explosions and floods. As Sue remarked “is it locusts next?”.