I am cross!

Why am I so nice? This evening I had a cold call from a student at my erstwhile college as part of a fund raising drive.

Did I tell the slimey little git (he was a law student) to piss off? No, I wished him well in his studies. When he asked me if I had fond memories of St. Hugh’s did I say “being screwed senseless in a copse of trees about where the new building is” – no I didn’t.

Did I say “I’d rather spend my cash on beer and art” – no I didn’t.

And then the little scumbag asked if I could “speak for my husband as well” – on that point I summoned up enough backbone to say a resounding “yes”.

I guess this technique must work or they wouldn’t do it – but it’s left me with the inclination to boycott all future college events.

I wonder what my Ma will say as and when they ring her?