Race for Life 2009 – The Power of Pink

This soggy morning, I was off to the University Parks to take part in Race for Life.

It’s an all women event…

…to raise money for cancer research.

As you can see people really get into the spirit of the event – in costumes one normally associates with medical students, or rugby players in drag.

Everyone got rather wet…

As I’d had a bug of some kind this week, I’d decided to walk. However, the Traves bloody mindedness kicked in, and I jogged the whole way (and managed a mad dash for the line!). Sadly, my triumph picture (above) makes me look like a character from Little Britain!

The main thing is that I raised £280 in sponsorship. Thank you all very much!

Race for Life – Oxford Parks 7th July 2008

On Saturday, I took part in one of the ‘Race for Life’ events in Oxford. Many thanks to everyone who sponsored me and SueC.

After all the rain we’ve had, it was great have have a sunny day – with a cooling wind. The race took place in The University Parks – so here is a gratuitous shot of Keble.

As this was an event organised for women, by women, there were plenty of bogs.

As I was under the weather earlier this year, the event wasn’t a kick start to motivate me into running again. However, I did jog some of the way (this action shot blurred due to my speed) – and it was a great reminder of why I enjoyed running so much. So, I think it will stand as the START of a new fitness programme.

One of the nicest things about ‘Race for Life’ is it’s inter-generational nature. Lots of families taking part together.

Here I am at the FINISH!

SueC and I show off our medals.

Sadly, I ended up with some HUGE blisters – here is the face of pain!

[Many thanks to The Boy who acted as guest photographer – although the bogs pic. was mine!]

The Sylph Like Miss T Campaign – Race for Life

OK – I’ve bitten the poet (private joke) and signed up for ‘Race for Life’.

My race is going to be Saturday 7th June 2008. If you can please:

  • join in – find a race near you, or join me (if you’re of a female persuasion)
  • come along to The University Parks in Oxford and cheer me on
  • sponsor me

Breast cancer has struck people very dear to me, so this race has a deep personal resonance for me. Plus, I hope it’ll force me out exercising again.

Pictures of me in lycra to follow…..