France 2009 – Mad, Mad Guédelon

To quote their website, “In the heart of Puisaye, in Yonne, Burgundy, a team of fifty people have taken on an extraordinary feat : to build a castle using the very same techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages.”

And yeah…it’s on a BIG scale….

…it’s the most amazing…

…mad, mad place.

They’ve been working since 1997, and they estimate that they have another twenty years to go.

The finished product looks just like the ‘real thing’.

There are a few concessions to Health and Safety :-).

As well as the castle building they make all their tools, and ropes etc.

Plus some animals…(the wooden frames in the background are for holding up the vaulted ceilings)…

….and a garden…

…and a little stone dressing work shop.

Oh, and yeah some stocks. BTW, I’m not quite this fat, my shirt is billowing out (but yes, my legs ARE that short!).