The Plough at Kelmscott

The plough at Kelmscott is a very nice pub, with good beer and food…
…a cute dog, Thistle (there was another dog called Widget apparently, but we didn’t she him/her)…but best of all…
…a 2nd hand BOOKSHOP!!!

The Head of Steam – Huddersfield

Now…I’d hate you to think that I spent all my leisure time in Public Houses…

…but this lunchtime I popped into ‘The Head of Steam’ on Huddersfield railway station.
It’s full of railway memorabilia, and has a great atmosphere. I’m told that it has great beer too, but I stuck to Fentimans.
Lunch with my lovely boys, fantastic.

The Star Inn – Folly Hall

Now I DO like a friendly pub with a good pint. As we were in Huddersfield this weekend, we popped into‘ The Star Inn’, which we’d read good things about.
It’s a great place with good beer (see above), plenty to read (including CELEB mags)…
…and a hound. I’m not sure about the diamante collar though!

The Puppies’ First Walk to the Queen’s Head

The Boat Yard pups had their jabs yesterday and celebrated by walking to the pub. As you can see it was rather tiring. Fern (the puppy previously known as ‘no name’) has elongated somewhat.

Here is Molly showing off her new lead and chunky paws.

[In case you’re wondering, they had a lift back to the Boat Yard]