Burgundy 2014 (Le Retour) – Autun

One place I never tire of visiting is Autun.

Apart from the cathedral (and what a cathedral), there are plenty of other interesting buildings. In this case the art school.

The fortified houses, with the round towers that are typical of this part of the world, are a reminder that this was a disputed area for a long time.

This building was a tavern of ill repute. It was well known for being a gambling den…

….and the owners build a tennis court next door, much as a pub landlord would have a pool table, or a darts board today.

if it wasn’t for the electric street light, one would expect to see a chap in doublet and house come swaggering round the corner

The motivation for our trip to Autun was to visit the Musée Rolin, to see an exhibition about Goya and Delacroix. A fantastic small exhibition.

From the museum courtyard, you get a great view of the back of the old prison building. It’s circular, like Bentham‘s panopticon. It’s a shame that it’s not in a better state of repair.

The courtyard also gives the opportunity for a rest and a cig.

Maisie is Stir Crazy!!!

Maisie (see above) had to have a couple of teeth out on Tuesday. We have to keep her in for a week, and she’s beginning to go spare. She is becoming increasingly vocal, and eying up even the smallest, highest window. I think we’ll all be relieved when she can go out again (and forsake the indignities of the poo tray).

That said, a new catnip mouse from Culpepper, has distracted her a bit. Trouble is, it’s now so manky, it looks disturbingly like a real one.