Absolutely batty (I hooted with laughter)!

In a world where, as my Ma says, there aren’t many of us normal people left, I am incredibly blessed to have so may friends on the same wavelength.

When I was in the States last year, visiting the Price Sisters, I admired a cup sleeve Annie was using, so much better than the cardboard one. Virginia ordered me one for Christmas with an owl on it, as I like owls. So far so good…

…but there was another one in the parcel. That looks a little strange you may be thinking…pointy ears…cord…cross….

…a bible on the end of his wing…?!?
Oooh look it’s a monk bat!
Yes, I have my very own vampire monk cup sleeve (OK he’s a Franciscan not a Dominican, but why be churlish?). Has to be one of the best Christmas presents EVER! I couldn’t be happier :-). Can’t wait to wrap him round a coffee (or chai latte)…

Burgundy 2008 – well we’re back!

We had a fabulous time and I took 450+ pictures – so it may take me a while to blog them! As a ‘teaser’, here is the view from the bedroom of the hotel where we spent our first night…

…and the perfect present for all you arty types – which I couldn’t buy because the shop was closed for lunch (and the French still believe in the LONG lunch).
More anon…

Presents from Japan

I am a very lucky girl – my friend Ben has been on holiday in Japan and has brought me back some green tea. It’s extra special, as it was grown on a farm that he worked on.

Ben has been learning Japanese for a while, but he wasn’t able to translate the instructions on the back. However, as Mark points out, the fourth stage is to pour the tea over a digital watch!

Ben also gave me these beautiful geisha bookmarks.

Anonymous Benefactor

A very kind person has sent me a DVD as a present – ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’, with Cary Grant.

It was sent from Amazon, and the name and contact details of the ‘donor’ had been removed from the delivery note (there wasn’t a price either, rather like a old fashioned ‘Lady’s Menu’).

If it was you, thank you very much. There are a few peeps I think it might be from, but I don’t want to thank them, for fear it wasn’t them, and they’ll think I’m hinting that they didn’t give me a Christmas present this year, and I think they SHOULD have (deep breath). What is a girl to do?

I’m a bit of a Cary Grant junkie at the moment, so the filum is much appreciated.