Keswick Reflections

The Boy and I were up in Keswick for a (lovely) wedding recently.

I couldn’t resist ‘bagging’ these for my friend Virginia. It made me reflect though, why two side-by-side? Did it used to be one for local, and one for other letters? Or do visitors to Keswick send so many cards that reinforcements were needed. I guess if I was a real postbox ‘licker’ I’d have checked the serial numbers to work out if they were put in at the same time or not.

As those of you who know me well can testify, I need regular infusions of tea. This tiny milk bottle made me squeal the house down

Miss T’s Ups and Downs

Some of the things that made me happy this week:
Adam can’t resist planting all his seeds – and ends up with far too many plants.
Spring flowers are out.
It’s been warm enough to sit and drink gin in the garden.
All the washing could be dried on the line, and smells glorious.
My iPod has a fresh batch of Radio 4 podcasts.
Public libraries are free, and I can order all the books I want to read.
There were 20p postcards at the YSP.
My feet are sock free & I can flash my painted toe nails (London cab black, since you ask).
I’ve found an excellent mini camera bag in Oxfam for ÂŁ5.99.
However…postage has GONE UP!!!!

The Continental Van comes to Oxford

As you may have gathered I am rather a fan of all things postal. I caught sight of this van in Oxford at the end of last month. It’s small and weird enough not to be out of place in Spain or Italy.

Post-cards from Annie

My darling friend Annie has been on a trip to Chicago. Amongst other things, she’s been to a fantastic sounding art exhibitions and to the Shedd Aquarium – where she saw sea otters and baby Beluga whales. I am GREEN with envy. However, she’s sent me LOTS of post-cards.

Good thing we’ve got a double mantle piece!