To be a pilgrim – Beatification Mass – Cofton Park

At unspeakable o’clock this morning, I left to catch my ‘pilgrim bus’ to Cofton Park, for the Beatification of John Henry Newman, and Papal Mass.

Our 3am start from Witney, got us seated at Cofton Park at twenty to six (in the drizzle).
Some seemed more prepared for bad weather than others!
Here are Kate and Carol as dawn breaks.
Kate’s extensive Glastonbury experience meant that she found us a good spot…
…somewhere in her is the Pope…
and the sun came out for Il Papa.

The sun meant that the umbrellas marked where the concelebrants were, rather than having to shield them.

A very special day, and extremely well organised…however, did they need to make special Beatification branded toilet signs?

The Pope’s Foot

I was sitting reading on the sofa last night (a little book of essays from the writer of ‘Get your Tongue out of my Mouth, I’m Kissing you Goodbye’) – when I noticed the contrast between my lily white foot and the cushions.

The colour contrast (the red looks so rich) and the image reminded me of some of the paintings of popes we saw in Florence. And my classical Greek toes (!) look like a marble Renaissance statue or a plaster cast.