France May 2016 – out and about in Tournus

As I remarked in my last post, Tournus is a lovely town, and I’d love to go there again.  For those of you who are interested in such things, we stayed in a restaurant with rooms called Aux Terrasses. Great food and really nice staff.

The town is on the river Saône

…look at this boat Dr Bones!

There’s an old hospital to visit…

…a dinky little cinema

…a market that sells cheese cages…

…and I got to pet a little, fat pony.

My Ma would have been very interested in this shop!

This sign was strange…

…and this sign was just plain disturbing!

Burgundy 2008 – Golf Widow

On our first day, The Boy had arranged to play a round a Morfontaine, which is a very famous and historic golf club just outside Paris. This gave me the chance to explore Chantilly (where the cream comes from!). And what should I see but this!

And then this…had I strayed through a wormhole back into Eynsham?

I liked this bird box…

…and this school name.

However, my main reason for visiting was the château – which houses an amazing art collection. I couldn’t take any pictures inside, but believe me, it’s well worth a visit. Apparently, they don’t have many English speaking visitors (which astounded me) – and the two others I met there, were also golf widows!

I ADORE this lion’s snooty look.

They’d had a Russian film crew filming a period drama for the last few weeks.

And the château is often used as a backdrop for wedding photos.

I didn’t get a chance to visit the gardens, which are huge – like all French tourist attractions, there was a ‘petit train’ to take you round.

Chantilly is twinned with Epsom, and also has a race track, with the magnificent old stables turned into a museum, where they have horsey spectaculars. I thought this was an interesting juxtaposition of old and new on the roof!

Not a bad little building is it? Again I couldn’t take pics inside, which was a shame, as the main area was quite something, with a dome and a huge fountain. The horses looked in lovely condition. There was a lovely little horse, which I took a fancy to, and I couldn’t work out its breed. I looked on the stable door, and realised that it was a SLIM Shetland pony – blimey.

I sneakily took this shot on my phone for my m-i-l Lin, as she is very fond of ‘the horses that go up and down’.
Now, all these magnificent piles are all very well – but I’d be more than happy with this gate house.

And the kitty of course (ssh – don’t tell Maisie!)

Horse Shoes

Realised that I hadn’t included my cutest shot! The horses used by the mounted police in Florence wear little leather shoes to protect their hooves from the cobbles!

I was reminded as one of my nicest work colleagues is back from maternity leave. As well as two sprogs, she has a new Jack Russell puppy and a SHETLAND PONY. The latter, Barney, is “everything you don’t want in a man – short, bad tempered and ginger. And he tries to shag your leg all the time”. Unlike a man, the pony can be gelded 8-).