Burgundy 2013 – Out and about in Saulieu

We had a little trip to Saulieu, one of its famous sons is the sculptor Francois Pompon.

The local estate agent had made a brave show in their window…

…we had lunch at this lovely cafe, which is run by a lady from South Cave, near Hull (where my Dad’s cousin Jo lived for many years).

Luckily, it wasn’t Accordion Night!

I spotted this little chap outside the cathedral…

…the Pompon Museum is next door.

I was able to commune with this polar bear.

We spotted this rather fancy cinema…

…interesting grafitti…

…and great door furniture.

Captain Cook, Dracula & fish and chips

Whitby has many claims to fame. Captain Cook was born here (there was a small craft in the harbour offering ‘The Captain Cook Experience’. What might that be? Scurvy? Death on the point of a spear?)…

…it was a major whaling port…

…and Dracula made landfall here, in Bram Stoker’s classic (I was rather disappointed, I thought the town would be swarming with goths, like flocks of starlings. Maybe it was too sunny, there is after all, few things funnier than a sunburnt goth).

However, there is also a rather nice polar bear…

…a beautiful harbour…

…and a swing bridge…

…which swung.

Oh, and the Magpie Cafe. Equally famous for its excellent fish & chips, and the LONG queue!

France 2009 – Dijon

We spent a day in Dijon which was lovely. This is the Duke’s Palace, which houses a very fine art museum. Sadly we were there on a Tuesday, and the museum is fermé le mardi…merde.

Still, the outside is very fine…

…with interesting drain pipes.

As you can see…
…the city is very bonny too.

We really enjoyed just wandering around (and finding a Cybercafe and checking email in Adam’s case!).

In the past, Burgundy had a lot of trade with the Low Countries – as is demonstrated by these coloured Flemish tiles on the cathedral.

Not sure who these chaps were, but I liked them…

…as I did this frog.

The gargoyles on the front of Notre Dame made us feel at home.

La chouette, this little owl carving on the side of Notre Dame, is a traditional good luck charm. Sadly, the original was destroyed by vandals in 2001.

Be still my beating heart! What’s this up ahead?

It’s my beloved bear by Pompon!

The Boy, took this shot of the noble beast.

It was have been a good day anyway, but the bear made it really special.

How to cook a Polar Bear

My lovely friend Annie sent me a hot pet for my birthday. At first I thought it would be mean to heat him in the microwave, but a nasty cold (nearly gone thanks) soon put paid to that. My ‘hot husband’ tends to squeal when I place my cold paws on him!

[Global warming notwithstanding, it does seem rather gratuitious, to make a hottie out of an Artic animal!]

My granite heart melted somewhat when I shut the door.

But what the hell – in for a penny…fry Knut!

Don’t worry – he survived, and got to sleep with me lucky beast!