Eynsham Moss

I spied this moss on the top the wall in Pugg Lane the other day. It’s one of those small lovely things that makes a day.

Spring has sprung!

The Boy loves the Spring – as do I. he always gets VERY excited and sows every seed in the packet very early!

As you can see the conservatory is chock full! My Dad was VERY jealous, and kept mumbling on about heated greenhouses making all the difference :-). Tomorrow, the Boy is going to take a few of his babies in for the folks at Tudor Rose – which will give him enough room to prick out some MORE seedlings!

Madeira Day 5 – Jeep Tour (Part 2 Flora)

There are lots of beautiful plants and flowers in Madeira, hell it’s renowned for it – here are just some quirky bits and pieces. I thought this little chap looked very brave.

I loved the contract between the red rock flower and the grey lichen.

This is such a beutiful fresh green.

OK – this is a bit of a classic picture, but I couldn’t resist it!

Madeira Day 5 – Jeep Tour (Part 1)

On Friday we went on a jeep tour round the east coast of the island. This is a fairly typical view of the middle of the island. It looks a bit like how I imagine Peru to look.

I bet this lido is very nice in the summer – it didn’t temp me right now….
as The Boy is from Yorkshire, he is made of tough stuff!
OK – this aloe is a BIT bigger than the one that I gave Dr Bones!

Most coastal towns seem to have a lido – as there are only two beaches on the island – one real and one created with sand from Morocco.

I’ve no idea what this plant is. It looks a bit like sage – but didn’t smell when crushed. I like the contrast between the azure sea and the dull green.