How to describe Eynsham?

I’ve just finished writing a letter to the child we sponsor in Sri Lanka. Plan UK suggest that you include pictures of where you live. I have sent local post-cards, including one of Eynsham Morris – I hope the poor child isn’t scared out of his wits!

Because I am a girl…

We’ve recently started sponsoring a child with Plan UK. The charity was founded in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and has no religious or political affiliations.

Please read about their Because I am a girl campaign, and sign their on-line petition. In many cultures girls are not valued as much as boys and this can only be changed by helping communities to see the jewels that girls are. Plan UK puts it better than me:

  • Girls deserve the best in life – the right to education, the chance to be healthy and the opportunity to succeed
  • Investing in girls bears fruit – help a girl and you help an entire community to help themselves
  • We are all responsible and need to do something now to help the world’s girls.