Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens

A final piece of culture vulturing was a vist it to the Palentine Gallery at the Pitti Palce. It’s a great collections with some lovely pieces. It is hung in ‘traditional’ style which means very densely which made it quite difficult to view. What I remember most about the visit was 3 comments:
A. on seeing his Nth Madonna and Child “nice baps”.
A. fuming a large group of geriatric, German tourists “bet they were all S.S.”.
Small, elderly American lady watching A. drool of a Canova “is your husband an ass man?”
And so to the Boboli Gardens which we were probably not in right mood to appreciate (tired, hot, grumpy). As A. pointed out the grass was in a terrible state, they’d be laughed out of the N.T. for that!

I loved the texture of this bark.

Again, I’m really pleased with the dark foreground and light background on this.

Neptune with grotto (an A. shot).

Another suffering tortoise

I thought this stattue looked a little bit like a tour guide marshalling the children.

You can’t fault the views back over the city!